Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Look at My Week: How I Plan and Track a Week's Events

Last week my blog started with a review and description of how I had been using DIYFish's Do1P inserts for the month of July. It has been about 2 and a half weeks now, since the end of July, and I've already made a few tweaks to my system, so I felt it might be neat to show off what my typical week looks like in this month.

Firstly this month was printed on a new, sleeker and thicker paper. I was looking for a paper that would give me less show through, and the sleek-shininess was a bit disappointing at first but I soon found that that made the pages more friendly with my fountain pens, which I loved! The weekly inserts that hold my week together have filled out a bunch, especially this week. I took up a new exercise routine at the start of the month, and this week in particular I started a plan to make a habit of reading each day. Developing healthy habits is a neat use for a planner; you need not over complicate it much more than writing a little reminder that you can check off each day you accomplish it, that way you can look back and see you progress or see when or where you need to put more effort. These little daily-goals have found a spot on my weekly chart, alongside my Art Goal Hours, making the entire page a sort of reference of the habits I want to develop and how I am doing to keep on top of them. The back of the weekly page had a notes section I wasn't sure how to use last month and this month it found use as the for writing and tracking the specific exercises I need to complete each day of the week. This way I can see weather or not I've exercised on the front and if I haven't I can just flip the page and see exactly what it is that needs to be done to finish the days routine.

The planing and tracking routine on my daily pages hasn't changed much since I started but this week filled out nicely and looked pretty. At the start of the week most of my pages look fairly empty, as I don't typically plan too far ahead, my life has gotten more organized but aside from work and appointments, my tasks and time for doing things is very fluid and planning ahead just becomes frustrating as things keep moving around. My "system" involves keeping my general (things not involved in a project) to-do lists separate, and the night before or the morning of a day, I reference that and write out any to-dos that will fit into that day, sometimes if that set of to-dos is completed early I'll take time mid-day to schedule more to-dos that day or the next. Some days I don't write anything because either there were no to-dos at the time or (like on a day spent with my mom) it is a day to relax and/or there is limited opportunity to do things from my list.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I love seeing how other people use their inserts.